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1. On this Pelosi and Trump Can Agree: A New and Fatter Stimulus Plan is Needed

What You Need To Know:

Perhaps it was the ABC News Town Hall Tuesday night with real, concerned voters, perhaps he saw the What You Need To Know Election Day Countdown Clock, whatever it was, Donald Trump is calling on his party to “up the ante” in the latest Coronavirus stimulus package.

2. Donald Trump Challenged at Philadelphia Town Hall

 What You Need To Know:

Seven weeks before the November 3rd election, Donald Trump attended an ABC News town hall with undecided voters in Philadelphia.

3. Coronavirus Update: Black, Hispanic and Native Americans Represent Majority of Covid-19 Deaths in Children

What You Need To Know:

A new report by the CDC shows most children dying from coronavirus are Black, Hispanic or Native American.

4. Black Families Purchase 97 Acres of Land to Build Their Own Safe Space

What You Need To Know:

The idea of having a city built and maintained by African Americans (picture a “Wakanda” in America), was but a dream just a few years ago. That place exists today, just east of Macon, Georgia, the result of 19 Black families coming together to buy close to 97 acres of land.

5. New Checks: Facilitating Financial Stability With Universal Basic Income

What You Need To Know:

There have been renewed calls for national and local governments to act to ensure economic and financial safety for their citizens, as the coronavirus pandemic has reportedly caused over 300,000 deaths globally.

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