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Aspiring TV writers looking to be the next Shonda Rhimes can now take lessons directly from the writer-producer herself.

And her first lesson: “I don’t believe in the phrase ‘aspiring writer.’ To me it’s just, you’re a writer.”

That nugget comes from the promo of Rhimes’ upcoming online course through MasterClass, in which she’ll teach writing for television, according to Variety. The woman behind “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Grey’s Anatomy” will share her wisdom over the five hours of lessons that will be made available to students – including her first rejected TV pilot for ABC (about young female war correspondents), and balancing executive producing duties across multiple sows.

Rhimes aims to make the process of writing a TV script accessible to anyone, not just those living in Los Angeles or in a grad school program. “Even if you have, like, five kids, and you work a job, you can find 10 minutes a day to write something down,” she says in the trailer for the course. “If you can write, and people can find your script, they will be thrilled to have it.”

Rhimes’ MasterClass will cost $90 and include access to the “Grey’s Anatomy” story bible and “Scandal” scripts, along with the five hours’ worth of instructional videos and interactive exercises.

Other MasterClass courses include Kevin Spacey on acting, Serena Williams on tennis, and Werner Herzog on filmmaking.

Watch the trailer for Rhimes’ course below:


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