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1. Thanks Are Not Enough, Congressman Lewis — We Owe You So Much More

What You Need To Know:

Just about every quote has been posted — along with every photo and video of the late great Congressman John Lewis.

2. Revered Civil Rights Icon, Reverend C.T. Vivian Remembered

What You Need To Know:

Reverend C.T. Vivian took a punch from Jim Crow that accelerated the push for voting rights across the country.

3. Coronavirus Update: With the Clock Ticking on Expiring Coronavirus Aid, Lawmakers Scramble For a Solution

What You Need To Know:

Coronavirus infections are growing. The unemployment rate has ballooned to double digits. Reopened states are shutting down again.

4. Thousands Expected to Walk Off the Job Today in Strike for Black Lives

What You Need To Know:

Today, thousands of workers are expected to walk off the job in more than 25 cities to bring attention to the Black workers who make up a large number of those in industries including fast food, airports, delivery and nursing homes.

5. Can Racial Justice Be Found Through Index Funds?

What You Need To Know:

OpenInvest, a financial technology startup in the Bay Area is betting on impact investing, creating one of the first “racial justice” index tools, giving investors the opportunity to customize their portfolios based on metrics like diversity and social impact.

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