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With the coronavirus pandemic not going away, a lot of stores and restaurants are now having customers wear masks and face coverings inside at all times, unless they are eating.

It does not matter whether facial coverings are mandated by a city, county, or even a state, more companies are enforcing the rules of having those particular maskings to have their patrons protect one another to prevent the further spread of the disease.

The following below is a growing list of companies that are now or soon requiring customers to wear masks when entering.

From WKYC 3News Cleveland:

  • ALDI (Beginning July 27)

  • Apple

  • Best Buy

  • Costco

  • CVS (Beginning July 20)

  • Dollar Tree

  • Family Dollar

  • Home Depot (Beginning July 22)

  • Kohl’s (Beginning July 20)

  • Kroger (Beginning July 22)

  • Lowe’s (Beginning July 20)

  • Marc’s (Beginning July 20)

  • Meijer (Beginning July 20)

  • Menards

  • Panera Bread

  • Publix (Beginning July 21)

  • Sam’s Club (Beginning July 20)

  • Starbucks

  • Target (Beginning August 1)

  • Walmart (Beginning July 20)

  • Walgreens (Beginning July 20)

This list could change and/or expand at anytime.

Would you go and shop or dine at any of those establishments or consider having them deliver to your workplace or living space?


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Article Courtesy of WKYC 3News Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of LukaTDB and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of bymuratdeniz and Getty Images

CORONAVIRUS: Businesses That Are Requiring Facial Coverings  was originally published on wzakcleveland.com