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Source: Caroline Brehman / Getty

With the House of Representatives being led by Democrats, the bill to make Washington D.C. the 51st state was passed but now heads to the Republican-led Senate to vote.

The fight for DC Statehood has been going on for years but when it was up for a vote in 1993 it didn’t pass in the House so there has been progress with the House of Representatives passing the bill today. Under this new bill, D.C. will be called Washington, Douglass Commonwealth named after Fredrick Douglass, who spent his last 17 years of life in D.C.

As the 51st state, The District will have two senators and a member of Congress. Territory will include all the current wards but not monuments and federal buildings like the White House. Mayor Bowser has been on the frontline for DC Statehood. She tweeted out “I was born without representation, but I swear – I will not dies without representation. Together, we will achieve DC statehood”

In May Trump shared with the New York Post that it would be “very, very stupid” for Republicans to allow Washington to become a state and unfortunately many others feel the same way. The vote today was 232-180 for the House of Representatives. So many are ready for this change including the lovely Representative Maxine Waters who spoke earlier today:


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