You are never too young or old to make history. That is what 90-year-old Opal Lee is planning on doing as she encounters one of her biggest journeys in life. The Texan is so serious about making Juneteenth a national holiday, that she plans on walking 10 miles a day until she reaches Washington D.C. While doing so, she hopes to raise 100,000 signatures needed by October and show President Barack Obama Juneteenth should be recognized on a federal level.

That’s not all, Lee plans on delivering the petition to President Obama herself.

I would just tell him how much I appreciate what he has gone through,” she said about the chance to meet the president. “The man has worked with his hands tied behind him. He has tried to do what needed to be done, and he has had obstacle after obstacle to try to hold him down, but he hasn’t given up. Why should we?” she added.

If a 90-year-old woman can literally walk the walk, let’s do our part to talk the talk. You can go here to sign the petition and make sure to share it to all your family and friends to get the 100,000 signatures (and more)!


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