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It’s finally Valentine’s Day, but just because you’re saved and sanctified, that doesn’t mean you can’t partake in love’s holiday. In fact, it makes it…

Missy B On the Move

  Antoinette Bates is a Romance Consultant and Date Night Planner who relaunched her company A Touch of Love, LLC.(ATOL) in September 2017. Antoinette recognizes how challenging it is to both adult and maintain a healthy relationship. “It is so easy to get busy managing a career and family that our significant other is unintentionally […]

Praise Report

On Valentine’s Day, when many unmarried couples will succumb to the lust of the flesh, a Christian rapper is giving his listeners strength to continue waiting. Reach Records recording artist Trip Lee has released “I Can Wait,” a timely song about purity. “It’s a love song. And it’s a song about fighting to honor God […]


It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air- literally!


Don’t write off the roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day as unoriginal. There may be more to those roses than meets the eye – each color the romantic flower comes in, has a special meaning. According to the dedicated flower site, the following colors hold significant representation: Red – The most traditional color […]

It’s Valentines Day and you would think that means a time for love, right? Well, for some of yes and some no. Some people are just getting over break-ups or just got dumped for Valentine’s Day. I know we all have our favorite break-up song that we like to compare to our relationships, so I listed ten […]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF talk about some good ways to spend Valentine's Day if you're single.

Erica Campbell and GRIFF look back on the very first time they felt feelings of love for somebody.


Can you believe it, today marks a week and a half away from Valentine’s Day. If you still stuck on what to get your significant other or trying to find something better than just flowers and chocolate, we have the apps that can help! Awesome to see more apps help cut time in finding the […]