The one thing you have that you can’t get back is your time. It truly is your most valuable asset. Now is the time to start using your time wisely. It’s time to let go of things that are holding you back. It’s time to spend time with those who encourage you to be your […]

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty Essence Ventures, LLC, has kicked off 2018 by securing a major bag and giving Essencemagazine control of its brand. There is power in the purse! Black women have reclaimed 100 percent control of Essence as Essence Ventures, LLC, has bought the magazine from Time Inc. The magazine’s president, Michelle Ebanks, is excited […]

The day O.J. Simpson has been waiting for is finally here. If you have a “Free O.J. t-shirt, you can officially put it away. As of 12:08 am PT, O.J. Simpson is a free man. The million dollar question is, will he remain a free man? What are your thoughts. Take the poll below.

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