The Bible

By definition, a distraction is something that turns your attention away from something else, and agitates your mind, and emotions. All the latest news on Donald Trump, investigations into Russian ties, who and what is racist, and Twitter hashtag-driven outrage, are all distractions. A distraction from what, you ask? A distraction from God and your […]

Bishop T.D. Jakes has earned a reputation for being one of the most prolific, dynamic and gifted preachers of our day. So how does he do it? The Potter’s House of Dallas leader is giving away some of his tried and true tips to help ministers of the gospel be more effective in relaying the […]

getty images: When you’re pushing for a dream that just won’t come true, or dealing with an unpleasant circumstance, it can be hard to wait on the Lord to work it out. If you are on the brink of taking things into your own hands, or feel like giving up, here are 5 scriptures you […]

Some of the pages in the books are yellowed and brittle from age, while others remain unblemished. But they’re all gently turned by the hands of a Sugarloaf Township man, their safe keeper, offering a quiet swoosh or crinkle each time he turns them in his living room. Each book has its own history and […]

God never promised us that every day would be easy. There will be heartaches, cloudy days and prolonged seasons of struggle in the life of every believer. But the assuring news is, the Lord never leaves His children comfortless. So if you’re going through a hard time, you can find refuge in the word of […]

A Bible miraculously emerged unscathed and opened on a telling passage after a tornado that was traveling at around 150 mph ripped through the chapel in which it was placed. The open page from Psalm 46 read, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Staff at William Carey University in Southern Mississippi […]

Christian athlete Lolo Jones, 34, has set a lofty New Year’s Resolution for herself: To finish reading the entire Bible in 90 days. The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder shared her plan on her Twitter account: “2017 New Year’s resolution was to read the Bible in its entirety in 90 days. I’m still on day 1.” Many fans […]

Have you been believing God, decreeing and declaring, and expecting great things to happen in 2017, but already, this year is off to a rocky start? You’re not alone! Many of us have already experienced disappointments and setbacks, despite our best efforts to remain faith-filled. So here are 8 powerful scriptures to encourage your heart […]

Mike Moore, Getty Images A number of celebrities take time out of their day to share a Bible verse with fans on social media, singer Jordin Sparks chose to share nine. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter shared nine verses from Proverbs 27 on Twitter with more than 4 million fans on Saturday. Sparks began with separating Proverbs 27:1–6 […]

On a quest to locate the genesis of Creation, actor Morgan Freeman continues his journey to discover if science and religion can co-exist in the latest episode of National Geographic’s popular series, “The Story of God.” “It’s hard to believe we all came from one man and one woman, but we did,” Freeman says in […]