I never discovered mindfulness mediation until entering college and having to add a health education class to my schedule. It was then I entered a new way of dealing with life’s ups and downs. I wish I would have learned this form of dealing with stress and becoming more aware of the things happening around me soon. […]

Let’s face it. Searching for a job is a job. The networking, research and interviewing alone can take months. Since most online applications take an average of 30 minutes to two hours to complete, dedicating a full day’s work to sitting in front of your laptop doesn’t seem so far-fetched. As the applications pile up, […]

We’re convinced that when When Kerry Washington says “It’s handled,” she’s not just referring to a crisis on ABC’s hit show, Scandal. She’s talking about her own life. We’ve watched her in various films like Ray, Save the Last Dance (my personal favorite) and Django Unchained where she displays her versatility, and now she not […]

David Mann explains to Erica Campbell why we shouldn't focus on the no's.

The psychological response to racism contributes to poor grades, researchers say. A 15-year-old Brooklyn high school student told The Atlantic that his skin color is an obstacle to getting good grades. Zion Agostini explained that, as a Black male, the cops target him for stop and frisks on the way to school. When he enters the […]

Bishop Secular discusses an email he received from a college student who was stressing out way too much about affording to pay for his books, so…

The way you handle the stress in your life so greatly affects your health. In these Wellness Wednesday health tips, Yolanda Adams explains why it’s so imperative that we…