Shaun King

Jaylon Sewell is a good kid. Just 16 years old, he’s an active leader in his local church, a good student, and manager for the football team at Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana. Suddenly, he’s found himself in a deeply unfamiliar place after deciding to live a little and dye the top of his […]

Police brutality. Remember that? The issue that gripped our nation, catalyzed a movement, and got the attention of the world for two straight years. This week, Sandra Bland would have and should have turned 30 years old. She should have never been pulled over by police in Texas. She damn sure shouldn’t have been threatened […]

This morning at, the headline read “Democrats Have No Power.” And it’s almost true. You’ve heard me say it before, Republicans now control the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Democrats are seemingly unable to stop even one of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees from being confirmed. It appears conservatives will soon control the Supreme […]

His death is on our hands. It was fully and completely preventable. It happened on our watch. We are all responsible. End of story. It’s not a conservative or liberal thing. It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing. It’s a New York thing. It’s an American thing. And this morning, I’m asking all of you […]

Later today, Senator Jeff Sessions will begin his Senate confirmation hearings as he prepares to become Donald Trump’s Attorney General. The man has a long and painful history of bigotry. He was the first US Senator to endorse Donald Trump for President and is generally thought of as the most conservative member of the entire […]

      Last night I planned a Christmas message for the show. I was going to tell you to watch less news, love on your family and friends, go see Fences & Hidden Figures, and do some good in the lives of the people around you. Then, late last night, while I was literally […]

  Good Morning Everybody! I wanna change things up a little bit for us today. As you may know, every single day of the week, I write about injustice and police brutality and racial discrimination for the New York Daily News. As an activist, I’m helping to lead the Injustice Boycott. Every Tuesday and Thursday […]

  69 people have been shot & killed by police since Donald Trump was elected President. Yet most of us could not name a single one of those victims because for most of this month, and I understand it, I’m one of you, we’ve been so terrified of what it means that Donald Trump will […]

  It has now been two weeks since our country elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. I have to admit that 14 days later, it’s still painful to accept that we are going from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump. In fact, if anything at all is clear, it […]

  On Sunday evening, Donald Trump announced that his Chief Strategist in the White House will be Stephen Bannon. It was the first announcement he made for staffers and is a clear signal that we don’t have to wait and see who Trump values most in the world or whether or not he will become […]