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It has now been two weeks since our country elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. I have to admit that 14 days later, it’s still painful to accept that we are going from President Barack Obama to President Donald Trump.

In fact, if anything at all is clear, it should be that the only reason in the world we have a Donald Trump presidency is because he is a direct response from white America to our first Black President.

But this morning, I come bearing solutions.

As I’ve traveled the country over these past two weeks, so many people have told me that they just don’t know what to do. The truth is that virtually nobody, including Donald Trump himself, was prepared for a Donald Trump presidency. We all knew what to do to stop him from becoming President, and most of you listening did your part with that, but nobody was really prepared for how to respond if he actually won.

So, this morning I want to give you five very simple action steps to help you begin to fight back against Donald Trump.

#1. Be well-informed.

Hear me, I’m not encouraging any of you to be obsessed with the news right now. That’s not healthy, but I also want to caution you from completely checking out. I get it. I hate watching news about Donald Trump, but find some journalists you trust, on television or online or on social media, find those few voices who you know keep it all the way real, and make sure you stay well-informed.

#2. Refuse to normalize the ugliness of Donald Trump and his administration.

We must call bigots out for their bigotry.

We must call racists out for their racism.

We must call sexists out for their sexism.

We must call out those who hate Muslims & Jews for their Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

What we are witnessing right now is Donald Trump and his team attempting to normalize and mainstream many people, policies, and practices which should not be mainstream. For instance, this weekend at a federal building in Washington DC, a group of Neo-Nazis who are friends with Donald Trump’s new Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, were literally filmed doing Nazi Salutes, saying “Hail Trump.”

We cannot let this ugliness go unchecked. Hate crimes are rising all over the country because of this ugliness. We cannot normalize the bigotry of Trump or his supporters.

#3. Ask your city to become a sanctuary city and for your local public schools, colleges, and universities to become sanctuary institutions.

A beautiful movement is forming all across this country, including right here in New York City, where mayors, public schools, colleges, and even police departments are saying that if or when Donald Trump creates a mass deportation plan for millions of undocumented immigrants, cities are saying they simply will not participate. They are becoming sanctuary cities and are openly saying they will refuse to assist Donald Trump’s administration in any basic ways at enforcing such a plan.

Demand that your city become a sanctuary city. Demand that your local schools, from elementary school all the way to college, refuse to participate in any plan to deport students or break up families. We must impede this.

#4. Demand that your congressional representatives – in the House and the Senate, even if they are Republicans, prepare to do everything in their power to prevent Donald Trump from enacting destructive policies.

The most effective way to get the attention of your Congressperson is by calling their office. Some friends of mine have built a very simple website for you to use to help you find the direct phone number for the office of your Congressperson.

Here it is:

They also have a basic script you can use, but feel free to speak in your own words to let them know your concerns about Trump and how you expect them to stand strong.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST and I’ll end with this.

#5. We must boycott companies with founders, CEOs, and owners who are key supporters of Donald Trump. 

On December 5th, I am launching a boycott of cities and companies who support police brutality, but we must do the same thing with companies who support Donald Trump. When our vote doesn’t do what we need it to do, we must make our dollars do the talking.

We’ve built a website to expose the companies who helped elect Donald Trump and you can see them for yourself @  and decide to pull your money from any company that backs this man.

We are not helpless.

God Bless You!

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