Wednesday morning Otterbein University and President, John Comerford, officially announced that they were 1 of 23 schools in the nation and the only school in the state of Ohio to be selected to host a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center. John Comerford says that the university is, “Not afraid to do the right thing […]

Judge David J. Hale rejected President Trump’s defense against a lawsuit that claims he provoked violence at one of his rallies.

King's recent tweet adds to a list of racist antics and comments made by the congressman

President Donald Trump told Fox News that a replacement for the Affordable Care Act may not come until 2018.

Bremerton City Councilwoman Leslie Daugs was apprehended on Tuesday following an outburst at Sen. Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.

A white high school football player was forced to issue and apology after a Snapchat went viral. Why? Because of the caption that referred to a Black cheerleader at his school as the ‘n’ word. The Root reports: Tyler Tackett, a student at Western High School in Russiaville, Ind., posted a Snapchat showing him, a fellow […]

A new anti-racism T-shirt is gaining popularity with a message that some African-Americans feel is disrespectful to those who fought on the front lines of the civil rights movement under Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s method of non-violent resistance. The shirt, from a company called Thrift Element, reads: “Dear Racism, I am not my grandparents. Sincerely, […]

During a campaign rally in Ohio, when asked how he felt about being labeled a sexist and racist, Donald Trump cut the interview short. He did the same thing the day before.

Republican congressman said non-Europeans made no contributions to civilization. This is the latest racially inflammatory comment from Rep. Steve King.

School officials in Henrico County, Va., apologize to parents for showing students a racial discrimination video during Black History Month. The parents complained that it promoted white guilt.