An unidentified woman in Texas has come out to confess that she was scammed by what turned out to be two men that lived in the same state and another possible “mastermind” of the scam that lives overseas. These men, through social media messaging, convinced her that she was talking to pop star, Bruno […]


Columbus and surrounding areas have quite a bit of snow on the way. According to Fox 28, many counties have issued Snow Emergencies. The following counties are under a Snow Emergency, as of Jan. 19, 2019 at 2:57 p.m. LEVEL 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads may also be icy. Motorists […]

One life is gone and it all started with the dropping of a phone. 24 year old, Ateeq Rafiq went to the movies on March 9 and as he was getting comfortable in his seats, his phone slipped out of his pocket’s. As he went down to grab the phone, his head got stuck from the electrically-powered […]

Most of us scroll on social media to share our opinions and connect with friends or family members. Well, its time to add another reason to look at your phone for another 5 hours. Facebook has just revealed a new update that will push out your local news stories, without your permission.  Depending on what […]

Austin, Texas- “Today is the oldest Jeanna Wiant (92) has ever been but it is also the youngest she has ever been! She is celebrated her 92nd birthday by indoor skydiving at the iFly in Austin, Texas. Wiant is the second-oldest person to reach the top of the chamber. In the words of the unknown, […]

Some memories just don’t seem like you can forget them, such as committing the murder of a police officer. Well that’s not the same for 67 year old inmate, Vernon Madison, who has spent the last 33 years of his life in prison for the murder of Officer Julius Schulte. In Mobile, Alabama, Officer Julius […]

NEW YORK (AP) — An abstract painting of lynching victim Emmett Till on display at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York was the subject of a weeklong protest by a black artist who decried the canvas as “an injustice to the black community” because it was painted by a white woman. Parker […]

3/15/17- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the newest video evidence that suggest Mike Brown didn’t commit a burglary as the police suggested in 2014. “Why wasn’t the public shown this in the first place. They say it’s irrelevant to the case. If he didn’t steal the cigarillos then whey […]

The only black juror in the Walter Scott trial has finally opened up to The Today Show. The juror, Dorsey Montgomery II, talks about what lead to the jury not able to come to an unanimous decision, resulting in a mistrial and allowing Scott’s killer, former cop Michael Slager, to walk away a free man.   It may […]


Ohio may soon be allowing gun owners to conceal and carry on daycares and universities. It’s currently illegally in Ohio to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses and daycares, but that can soon change after House Bill 48. This bill allows taking both daycares and universities off the “Forbidden Zone”. The Ohio Senate passed […]