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I am still in shock at this story? A very disturbing video surfaced on December 19th by SNJToday.com of a Andrew Johnson, a New Jersey student wrestler at Buena Regional High School being forced to cut off his dreds. Prior to his match, Johnson was told by a referee that if he didn’t cut his […]


A leaked audio file captures President Donald Trump inviting members of his Bedminster golf club to join his presidential transition meetings.


Republican lawmaker Tom Weathersby has proposed counseling and fines in sagging pants ban.

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GETTY IMAGES: At least one person was killed and scores were injured Thursday when a commuter train slammed into a rail station and crashed onto a concourse, authorities said. Photos from the scene show a crumpled New Jersey Transit rail car at the battered station amid mangled steel, cables and concrete. The crash occurred during […]


  A horrific accident occurred when a commuter train crashed into a platform Thursday morning, killing 1 person and injuring 114 people, according to NBC News. Witness report chilling visuals of people on the platform falling, injured passengers and pinned underneath the rubble. Riders had to break through windows in order to escape and help one […]