The one thing you have that you can’t get back is your time. It truly is your most valuable asset. Now is the time to start using your time wisely. It’s time to let go of things that are holding you back. It’s time to spend time with those who encourage you to be your […]


Austin, Texas- “Today is the oldest Jeanna Wiant (92) has ever been but it is also the youngest she has ever been! She is celebrated her 92nd birthday by indoor skydiving at the iFly in Austin, Texas. Wiant is the second-oldest person to reach the top of the chamber. In the words of the unknown, […]


Source: Getty / Getty Congratulations new graduates! You have entered the so-called “real world” now that you’ve walked across that stage. You not only have freedoms and rights, you have a certain amount of responsibilities that you have to deal with. It won’t always be fun or easy, but if you learn some important lessons […]

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Source: Tom Merton / Getty I recently returned from a trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where my travel buddies and I were welcomed by a family from Michigan that happened to grow up with one of the ladies I was traveling with. I asked her if her decision to uproot her family of five, […]


Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Do you believe that Dr. King’s dream has come true? When you look at our nation, are we living the dream he spoke of in his speeches and messages? Have we truly overcome? Take our poll below and leave a comment on our Facebook page. If you are […]

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