According to Fox 28, the attorney for Ohio’s capital city has ordered prosecutors to stop asking for cash bonds for minor, nonviolent crimes to reduce jail populations. Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein says it’s time to address over-incarceration and overcrowded jails. Klein says the U.S. jails a disproportionate number of people compared to other countries. […]

Justice may be on the horizon for Cyntoia Brown. The 30-year-old faces a clemency hearing on May 23 relating to her case where she is serving a 51-year-sentence in a Tennessee jail after she murdered a 43-year-old man who picked her up for sex at the age of 16. View image on Twitter McSpocky™ @mcspocky Tell the […]

A teacher is supposed to teach a child to be on time to class and complete their schoolwork on time but what happens when the teacher fails to do the same herself. Columbus middle school teacher, Shanara Culbreath,28, was absent from school because she had to appear in court for murder charges. Vincente Mills, 41, was […]

That’s a wrap! are the only words I have after discovering that 19-year-old North Texas girl – Breana Harmon admitted to lying about being raped by three black men. Harmon ran into a church with scratched insinuating that she had just been kidnapped and raped. After medical evaluations and a few questions later, Breana admitted that it was […]

The day O.J. Simpson has been waiting for is finally here. If you have a “Free O.J. t-shirt, you can officially put it away. As of 12:08 am PT, O.J. Simpson is a free man. The million dollar question is, will he remain a free man? What are your thoughts. Take the poll below.

In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF shouts out one of his friends who got him in trouble for shoplifting when they were kids. This friend, Nigel, has gotten him in trouble for other things as well. GRIFF just found out that his friend Nigel is in jail. So GRIFF sends out a prayer to […]

getty images: Prisoner 1027820 is treated in many ways like any other inmate at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada: He gets the same standard issue blue uniform. He shares a bunk, toilet and sink with a cellmate. He rises around 6:30 a.m., eats an early breakfast — he likes cold cereal, with a muffin […]