It is 2018, Right? Jess Blakeney,19, was requested to change her multi-colored hair after a year of employment because it was said to be a distraction. She was also shown the employee handbook in which the policy stated refrain from ” outrageous Hairstyles”. Jess decided to choose her and refused to change her hair color which resulted […]

Welp Fox News has decided that they don’t need Stacey Dash anymore to portray anti-black rhetoric and has decided to fire her. After being with the cable news channel since 2014, Dash used her time to degrade the black and LGBT community and our beloved President Barack Obama. In case you missed anything here is some of […]

Lamar Austin made headlines when he was fired from his job for missing a two days of work to see his son be born. With public outrage, many are reaching out to the 30-year-old with job opportunities. Austin was a security guard for Salerno Protective Services and is a military veteran and now the father of […]

When an employee of an app owned by Yelp penned an open letter to the CEO about the minimum wage she is struggling to live off…