It is 2018, Right?

Jess Blakeney,19, was requested to change her multi-colored hair after a year of employment because it was said to be a distraction. She was also shown the employee handbook in which the policy stated refrain from ” outrageous Hairstyles”. Jess decided to choose her and refused to change her hair color which resulted in her being suspended and eventually being fired.

Why does hair color still matter for securing an employment? It’s so many other things that should determine your quality such as education, professionalism, and character. Having royal blue highlights shouldn’t stop me from assisting a customer especially since we typically only work 8 hours a day for any employer. I don’t find it fair that I have to give my time and my choice of appearance to someone else.

Let’s be honest hair color looks different on everyone and one of the major factors is your skin complexion. For some skin tones, your hair color will reflect louder on your skin and for others, it will be not as vibrant. Do you think Jess should have just changed her hair color?

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