The foodie in me is too pumped about food trucks taking over Columbus Commons May 3rd thru October 25th. According to columbuscommons.org, starting May 3rd, head down to the south end of the Columbus Commons every Thursday to get some of the finest mobile food in Columbus. The eight trucks listed below will be there every […]


Source: The Washington Post / Getty There’s just something really cozy about using a slow cooker. It creates delicious smells that fill up your house and at the end, you get to enjoy a serving of something super tasty. Winter is the perfect time to fire it up with some of our favorite recipes below. […]

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It’s almost time gain a few more holiday as we get ready to slam at Christmas dinner. I was looking online and found that a traditional Christmas dinner  looks very much like Thanksgiving dinner…turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. Now, when it comes to dessert, what is your must-have sweet after your belly is just […]


At the top of a new year, it is customary for some people fast. David Mann & Erica Campbell discussed the significance of fasting to kick off the new year, and how doing so can really start you off on the right foot. Fasting is not only a good practice spiritually, but there are also […]


In this edition of Healthy Ever After, Erica Campbell discusses the importance of watching our sugar intake. While sugar, for many of us, is a guilty pleasure and makes up a lot of what we choose to consume, Erica Campbell explains how dangerous it actually is. Despite how delicious it is, it’s probably the worst […]