Missy B On the Move

It’s Father’s Day Weekend! Shout out to all the fathers who are holding it down for their families. Now, we know men like to eat! My granny used to say, “the best way to his heart is through his stomach.” So if you want to get close to his heart this Father’s Day, check out […]

Food and Recipes

It’s almost time gain a few more holiday as we get ready to slam at Christmas dinner. I was looking online and found that a traditional Christmas dinner  looks very much like Thanksgiving dinner…turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc. Now, when it comes to dessert, what is your must-have sweet after your belly is just […]

National News

Happy National Ice Cream Day! Summertime and ice cream definitely go together. I can actually eat ice cream all year round lol. My favorites are cookies ‘n cream and chocolate. If you happen to grab some today, tag me in your pics at Joy1071 and MissyBLive on Instagram. Take our poll below to vote for […]