Every Monday on Stowe Show in the 1 o’clock hour you can expect some of Stowe’s Soul Food; God sees the value in our brokenness. Many times we see ourselves as less than because we have flaws or made mistakes. God sees our mistakes and says, ‘I still want to use you’. I challenge you […]

  Your lips go through the most trauma in life… you talk with your lips, eat with your lips, kiss with your lips and smile with your lips!!  So you want to make sure that they are in the best shape possible! In this “Fly in Five” video we are giving you some basic tips […]

Don’t write off the roses you may receive this Valentine’s Day as unoriginal. There may be more to those roses than meets the eye – each color the romantic flower comes in, has a special meaning. According to the dedicated flower site ProFlowers.com, the following colors hold significant representation: Red – The most traditional color […]