So I finally went to go see Tyler Perry’s Film Acrimony starring Award-Winning Actress Taraji P.Henson. I won’t spend this time discussing the poor production of the film but share my views on the overall film. We all have been hurt at some point in our life even if it was in the 5th grade.But […]


A popular Florida Pastor was caught with his pants down and now has to face his own congregation and ask for forgiveness. Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons was caught having sex with his mistress when her husband came home and caught them in the act of adultery. To make matters worst, the pastor was forced to […]

GETTY: Gayle King, quite understandably, still hasn’t fully gotten over finding her husband in bed with another woman 26 years ago. One doesn’t usually look for celebs to dish major dirt in Vanity Fair’s recurring Proust Questionnaire — in which questions include, “What is your current state of mind?” — but King had something to […]

Marcus D. Wiley receives a letter from an emailer who has lent money to her best friend, but hasn’t received any repayment back, yet she is…