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So I finally went to go see Tyler Perry’s Film Acrimony starring Award-Winning Actress Taraji P.Henson. I won’t spend this time discussing the poor production of the film but share my views on the overall film.

We all have been hurt at some point in our life even if it was in the 5th grade.But I think we can all agree that no pain is quite like a heartbreak. You can move on and be loved by the next person but still, its thoughts in the back of your head of time wasted, regrets and promises broken. Typically you can adjust to life without the person who hurt you the most but in some cases, you cant shake the hurt and desire of revenge.

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That is what happened with Henson who played as Melinda Gayle, a woman who believed in a man, but not just any man – it was her man. Robert, who is played by Lyriq Bent is a visionary with no realistic outlook on life which puts his dedicated wife on a downward spiral of debt and family troubles. Years of repeated promises began to sound similar to a broken record for Melinda and built up frustration has left her lifeless and bitter at the man she has given everything to financial. Fast-forward to Melinda finally giving into the opinions of her sisters and another let down from her husband, she demands a divorce. Most of us when ending a relationship you believed in and wanted the most from leaves us with a whirlwind of emotions. From sorrow to resentment, Melinda began to just exist with no spark until her man comes back with all of the money he has every used from her.

He comes back.

Robert, the ex and the reason for why she isn’t where she should, could or would have been. He comes back with money, with the promises she has held onto for years. He comes back with good looks and an apology. Did I mention he comes back with money, lots of it – as a peace treaty. Most importantly he comes back with a fiance who is carrying his first child.

Revenge is in the hands of the hurt. But Melinda has every right to want revenge – as the life she was funding and promised has now been handed to another woman who didn’t have to spend a dime or shed a tear, she didn’t even put in the same number of years! Melinda fights to get back with her man which turns into restraining orders, anger management, damage property and eventually fatal attraction.

Ladies, if you need justification for your “crazy ways” or being an “angry black woman” then go see the movie Acrimony as soon as you can!

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