Black Men

Season 11 of reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta will likely give the usual drama, shade and laughs. However, this season sheds light on a pretty serious health issue that series star NeNe Leakes is dealing with, as her husband Gregg tackles his Stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis. The disturbing reality is that Black men are at […]

So, a few Black pastors went to the White House to talk to Trump about prison reform and the backlash is in full effect! Many feel this was just another chance for Trump to get a photo op, while others think if we aren’t at the table to have important discussions, how can there be […]

A young man’s dream of space exploration is that much closer to reality when he graduates college this spring. But that’s not even the most amazing part of his story. When he graduates this May, he’ll be just 19-years-old. That’s right, when most students are either just starting or completing their freshman year, 19-year-old Ronald […]