At one point in life, being a police officer seemed to be the solution to give back to your community. Police officers are supposed to help prevent crime and decrease the killing, but that has not been the case. Police killings have increased and officers are starting to look more like a threat than the […]

A Guatemalan mother reunited with her seven-year-old son at the Baltimore Airport on Thursday after being apart for over a month. In the now viral video, Beata Mariana de Jesus Mejia-Mejia lovingly clutches onto her son, Darwin. The two were detained on May 19 and sent to an Arizona detainee center after they fled their country to escape […]

Source: Jose Luis Pelaez / Getty A hospital is one of the places where you should feel safe and protected for as long as you are a patient. Unfortunately, that was not the case for a woman at a local Baltimore hospital after she was left in the bitter cold at a bus stop. University […]

The miseducation of Black Lives Matter as an organization goes to a whole new level. A Baltimore city school teacher, Racheal Nash, wanted to design her Wells Fargo bank card with a Black Lives Matter logo to support the movement but the bank institution rejected the design. When she had called customer support to asked why they […]

Charles Barkley may be a basketball icon and popular sports commentator, but his views on race have led many in the Black community to cast him a side-eye. But TNT thought his controversial views would make for compelling TV and signed him up for a six-part TV series on race called The Race Card, airing […]

“Hearing each of their stories brought tears to my eyes because I care about the well being of others."

Malcolm X remains one of the most important figures of the American Civil Rights Movement, and his transformation into a vocal human rights activist added to his already impressive legacy. The man later known as el-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz came to relax some of his fiery politics that defined the earlier part of his time in the […]