Deadline Hollywood ✔@DEADLINE “I got to a point where I could no longer live with myself and be the mother I wanted to be, be the Amber I always dreamed of being if I tolerated the history of the abuse,” says Amber Dixon Brenner https://deadline.com/2018/12/salim-akil-accuser-interview-abuse-love-is-own-cancellation-1202524042/ … 10 12:38 PM – Dec 21, 2018 Twitter Ads info […]

In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell notes that not everybody comes from healthy home or church situations; and many people are harassed or abused in these spaces. It’s important to know that If somebody constantly demeans and disrespects you, that’s not love. Erica urges us to remember that it’s okay to remove ourselves […]

James Fortune made a horrible mistake two years ago. Now, he is opening up to talk about what finally changed his life for the better. Not stopping there, he also tells women signs to look for and how to leave a abusive relationship safetly. The Grammy nominated singer, who is a son of a pastor, never […]

Ty* sits in his drug rehab group for another week. But, this week he decides to share why he’s been so angry most of his life, how he started using drugs and why he has had so many unsuccessful relationships. Ty says, “I just don’t have another run in me. I’ve been in and out […]

Bishop Secular receives a letter from an abuse victim reaching out so their voice can be heard. He shows his support from them by making sure their…