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 west side family said they have called the jails, all the hospitals, they called the morgues to find any clue of 21-year-old Ryan Fuller and his girlfriend 20-year old Kayla Sotherland.

Now Ryan’s pickup truck is parked behind the house. It was found unlocked and open Sunday morning. Kayla’s purse, ID, bank cards and laptop computer were inside the truck.

Angela said she is close to her son and they talk every day. She talks to Kayla often as well.

“What I think happened is somebody has hurt these kids, and if these kids were able to come home, these kids would be home right now.”

“All I am asking is please tell me where my kids are. Tell me where Ryan is. Tell me where Kayla is. Because I will never stop looking,” Angela said.

“Kayla really loved Ryan. And Ryan really loved Kayla. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You never saw one without the other,” Angela said.

“I agree he is probably hurt. I don’t think he would go this long without coming home,” said Christina Fuller. She was putting up posters of the missing couple.

“Kayla wouldn’t have left her purse there? No absolutely not. Especially not with her ID AND bank cards in it. If they were going to run off and they were going to go somewhere they wouldn’t have left their money,” Christina said.

Both families have filed police reports. Neither Ryan or Kayla has logged into social media since Saturday afternoon. Their phones have not been located. Contact Columbus Police at 614-645-4545 with any information on their disappearance.

“They both need to come home. We need to have rest. We need to one way or another put it to peace and I need to take care of my son,” Angela said in tears.