5 Ways To Help Your Teen Fall In Love With Scripture

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These five ideas might help jumpstart your teen's love for reading the Bible.

5 Ways to Help Your Kid Fall in Love With Scripture

Here are five ways to help your teenager learn to treasure God’s Word (and these will blow up their excuses for not reading it too):

1. The Bible is hands-down, the best book ever. We don’t read the Bible because it’s an item on our checklist. We read it because it’s the best book ever. Reading the Bible isn’t a chore you have to do, like homework, washing the dishes or mowing the lawn. We get this messed up all the time, and sometimes mistakenly present Bible reading as though it is an item to mark off a daily list. It’s not. Maybe instead of pushing a “daily quiet time,” you could start by grabbing a Bible to search Scripture together when your teenager has questions, heartaches or struggles. (TIP: If you need advice for buying your next Bible, check out our official Bible buying guide.)

2. Reading the Bible is rebellious. “If you really want to be a rebel, read your Bible, because no one’s doing that. That’s rebellion. That’s the only rebellion left.” That’s a quote from Lecrae’s song “Rebel.” That’s right, it’s not just parents and preachers who think reading the Bible is important; Lecrae thinks so too.

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source: charismamag.com

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