5 Ways To Not Let The Winter Affect Your Mood

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Snow please go away and never come back again.

If I had one wish it would be that! Even though I have dealt with snow all of my life, I still can’t find any happiness or joy when I look outside and see all white. Maybe it’s because I have to drive in it to work or dress in layers only to still catch a breeze hitting my body somewhere! This time of the year makes me want to do absolutely nothing but wait for warmer days.

If you are anything like me than you will find these five ways very helpful with not letting the winter affect your mood!

1. Start Trips Planning For The Spring/ Summer 

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When it comes to this cold, snowy weather it really feels like forever but it’s really only 4 months (Just 120 days)!  Start Planning out your Spring and Summer activities. Doing this will give you something to look forward to whether its a concert you have planned with your friends or visiting a family member.

2. Bring The Party To Your House 

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Ain’t no party like a house party! You can even turn it into a sleepover with your closest friends in addition to that, everyone is safe! You can make it a tradition and each person can host a house party once a month until the snow goes bye-bye! From card games to creating your favorite snack, it’s so much fun that can be created in your home and by your rules!

3.Cook a new meal 

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Now your cooking may not be as great as Patti Labelle but use the snow days to learn a new meal! It’s so many different recipes to look up from desserts to dinner!


4. Netflix and Chill

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Netflix is the perfect escape especially on a Friday Night, they have so many options to choose from such as Black Mirror to old tv shows you watched as a child. If you aren’t a movie person,  you can still catch up on some interesting documentaries from health to beauty.


5. Take A winter vacation

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Yes! Take a mini vacation for no more than 2- 3 days. It can be somewhere that is a few degree higher and not as bad in the snow. It is best to plan this ahead to avoid flight delays etc. This allows you to escape from the winter winds in your city and daydream for a few days .


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