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Larry Elder, Recall, Govenor

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder is escorted by a security guard as a few homeless people yell during a tour in Venice Wednesday. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)  | Source: Wally Skalij / Getty

Every single day, white conservatives prove that if they have nothing else, they have the nerve.

As we previously reported, last week, Larry Elderthe frontrunner among 46 candidates running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom if Californians vote to recall him on Tuesday—was on the campaign trail at a homeless encampment in Venice when the crowd grew hostile towards him and a woman who was wearing a gorilla mask rode by him on a bicycle and chucked an egg in his direction narrowly missing his head.

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Elder also claimed someone shot a pellet gun at him and his security detail, but his supporters don’t appear to care about all that—they just care about the egg and the gorilla mask because those things afford them the opportunity to do their favorite thing, which is calling people hypocrites while being demonstrably hypocritical themselves.

Conservatives—the same people who have gone to war against Critical Race Theory without demonstrating that they know literally anything about the decades-old academic study—are now claiming the egg-throwing incident was a racially motivated hate crime and that “the left” are hypocrites for not calling it out.

First of all, let’s address all the reaching that’s going on here.

Never in the history of white-people-dom have white people ever been ambiguous when sending racist messages as a form of protest. You’re telling us the white woman was calling Elder a gorilla by…putting a gorilla mask on herself? And why an egg? Why not throw a banana, or a noose, or the mask itself if this is supposed to be a show of contempt towards Black people and not towards this specific right-winger who also happens to be one of the most white people-friendly Black people to own property in the sunken place?

Elder himself even got in on the “wait, maybe racism in America does exist” bandwagon as if he wasn’t fresh off of arguing that slave owners are also owed reparations because their “property was taken away after the end of the Civil War.”

Funny how people who can’t see the racism in Black people being disproportionately vulnerable to police brutality or Trump’s “stop the steal” propaganda targeting predominately Black voting precincts, but one white woman dons a gorilla mask and suddenly the “race card” they hate so much comes right out of them. Suddenly, America isn’t so post-racial after all and the past isn’t the past.

But fine—since we’re clearly doing this, I have some additional questions.

What was Elder wearing at the time? Did his attacker specifically call him the n-word? If not, how could we possibly know this had anything to do with race? What about Chicago? What is Elder doing to combat house-negro-on-field-negro crime in his own backyard? What happened before the camera started rolling? How do we know Elder didn’t provoke the egg attack with some kind of chicken dance? All poultry products matter!

White conservatives even took their caucasity to a whole new level by trying to make “woke privilege” a thing.

One of these days, I’m going to write a thing about how white people have Columbused the word “woke”—a term rooted in Black vernacular—and are now using it to denounce claims of systemic racism (until now at least) and all other things progressive, but for now, let’s just talk about the absurdity of the term “woke privilege.

We are coming close to the year 2022 and white people still don’t understand what social privilege is or how it works.

White privilege exists because white people represent the majority and whiteness is the default for social and cultural normalcy in the Western world.

Male privilege exists because of patriarchy.

Larry Elder holds townhall meeting at New Season LA Church in Downey

Pastors from left to right-Sam Rodriguez, CheAhn, Dr. John Jackson, and Jason Lozano pray for gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, center, at the conclusion of a town hall meeting at New Season LA/Downey Church in Downey. | Source: Mel Melcon / Getty

Hetero-privilege exists because heterosexuality is what’s considered “normal” in traditional society.

What exactly is “woke privilege” and what power dynamics could possibly exist to justify the term’s use?

You know what? Don’t answer that, because this isn’t a real discussion. None of these people actually think Elder has been the victim of a racially motivated attack—they all just love themselves a false narrative.

Anyway, Los Angeles police investigators are currently trying to identify the woman in the mask, and authorities said Friday that “the department was working the case as a misdemeanor battery because the woman gave no indication she was moved by hate in a video taken at the scene,” according to KTLA 5.


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