Joy Exclusive Interview: Tina Campbell Talks Almost Loosing Her Marriage, Forgiveness and New Single [video]

Tina Campbell visit Joy 107.1

Source: Radio One / Urban One



There’s so much talent in the group Mary Mary that the sisters have both launched their new solo projects and Tina Campbell sat in studio with Yaves Ellis to talk about her new song Too Hard Not To and how it became a testimony for everything she’s gone through in the public eye with her marriage.

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If you’ve not watched her reality show Campbell was very open when infidelity hit her marriage and how it almost broke them.  In this exclusive interview, Campbell talks about how God delivered her husband and allowed her to forgive him.  Now the couple has moved on and was able to keep their family together.

Be sure to check out Tina Campbell’s new single ‘Too Hard Not To’ and download it!


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