In August 2015, Judy’s ex-boyfriend doused her in gasoline and set her on fire.

For Judy, every minute of every day since was a struggle. Fighting the pain of burns and blisters that won’t heal, and fighting to share her story in hopes of helping others.

When 10TV met with her last year, she labored even to speak.

“No human being should ever have to go through that. Nothing that breathes should ever have to endure the pain of being set on fire,” she said.

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In December 2016, Michael Slager was convicted of Felonious Assault and Aggravated Arson. For sentencing Judy to a lifetime of pain and disfigurement, the maximum he could serve was 11 years.

“The eleven years this monster received for pouring gasoline on this woman and setting her on fire, was a travesty,” said State Representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent.

After seeing her story, State Representative Jim Hughes introduced legislation to toughen penalties for assaults that disfigure or permanently disable.

“In Judy’s case, the judge and the prosecutor did their job the best they could under the law that was existing when it happened,” said Hughes. “It’s now time for us, the Ohio House of Representatives, to do our job to make sure victims in the future like Judy receive the justice they deserve.”

“Judy’s Law” would add six years to the sentence in cases like Judy’s, where an accelerant is used, and where the victim is permanently disfigured or disabled.

It now heads to the state senate.



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