Fly In Five: Daytime Smokey Eye




Day time summer makeup doesn’t have to be heavy or boring… a smokey eye can be achieved using many colors but the main trick to a “fly in five” smokey eyes is to use a lighter color that’s heavy in pigment!!! It’s easy and it’s going to give you exactly what you need!
First you’ll want to:
-Pick 1 light color…. (matte or shimmer)
-grab a brush that has stiffer bristles
-get your brush heavy with pigment
-apply to eyelid by patting the color on (do not rub or you will loose pigment)
-after you’ve applied to the eyelid wipe the remainder on the back of your hand and gently take the line out of the crease of your eye by spreading it to the upper part of your eye
-clean around the eye with a moist q-tip
Now you have a day smokey eye!!!!!
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