I already know what you are thinking, there is no way you would allow your man to get a hall pass to cheat. Before we jump to conclusions, Eddie Fews, Dating & Social Development Coach wants you to hear him out first.

Fews stated in the video below that before a relationship gets serious, men should be allowed to be open to dating or seeing other people and it should be discussed early in a new relationship.

“If you agree to be in a monogamous, committed relationship, that’s the agreement you made. But the conversation should be had before the relationship begins  so there are no surprises later on.”

He also talks about how men are in relation are like lions, where the male lions have many lionesses in his pride having his children and him in return protects the kingdom. When the female host asks if we can just separate ourselves from animals, he says it is not possible for we were animals and our biological clock still resembles those traits.

Not sure that the modern day woman may want to allow her man have multiple partners. However, Fews is definitely right when he says you should always have an open conversation with your mate.