Not a good day for Nick Gordon as he was found legally responsible for the late Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death. An Atlanta Judge that was over the case ordered Gordon to pay $36 million to the Brown family estate.

This judgment came after he was found guilty back in September when the estate filed a $50 million lawsuit against Bobbi Kristina’s husband. As we reported earlier, Bobby Brown has always expressed that Gordon was responsible for his 22-year-old daughter’s death for he was present when she was found dead in the couple’s home.

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“There was an urgent need, in my mind, to get justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown and that’s why I took the case. We intend to pursue, with all vigor, the full collection of the judgment,” attorney David Ware said in the statement, according to AP. “We hope that in some small way this will allow Krissy’s family to continue their quest for peace.”

Gordon has maintained his innocence since Bobbi Kristina was first found clinging to life. However, he did not have an attorney present during the trial and did not attend the judgment hearing.


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