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Oprah Winfrey just proves that people are still not at ease with the newly elected president Donald Trump. When trying to do her best to give us all hope and steer the public in the right direction it backed fire on her.

When doing an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oprah commented on Trump’s visit to the White House on Thursday gave her hope.

“I just saw president-elect Trump with President Obama in the White House and it gave me hope. To hear president-elect Trump to say he had respect for Obama, he had reached a moment where he was humbled by that experience. And to hear President Obama say he has a new confidence in a peaceful transition— I think everybody can take a deep breath. Take a deep breath now!”

Nice to hear she has hope but for the rest of the public who is not accepting Trump as their president this was the last thing they wanted to hear. Once this gain traction so did the drag fest on social media.


I just don’t see what is so different from what Dave Chappelle said when he was hosting SNL? Why are we giving him a pass but not the Queen of TV?


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