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The First Look Inside Obama’s Private White House Living Quarters:

Finally: the opportunity to peek inside Barack Obama’s bedroom.

In the December issue of Architectural Digest, the First Family gives an exclusive tour of their private living quarters on the White House’s second floor, from the family dining room to the master suite.
“Their private quarters remain an oasis of civility and, yes, refined taste in a political arena so often bereft of both,” wrote journalist Mayer Rus of the largely neutral, simple interiors.

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How Hip-Hop Turned On Trump And Settled For Clinton In 2016:

When it comes to the hip-hop vote in 2016, Newton’s law of energy seems to apply: A campaign at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.

The unbalanced force in this case is Donald Trump, whose name for years was invoked to signify wealth and power in hip-hop lyrics, but who is now driving artists who had supported Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders back toward Hillary Clinton.
Enthusiasm for Sanders during the Democratic primary drove energy away from Clinton, often putting her on the defense over issues like criminal justice reform, her ties to Wall Street and her position as a longstanding leader in the Democratic establishment.
Rappers like Lil B, who backed Clinton as early as 2014 in an anthem dedicated to former President Bill Clinton, jumped ship to rally behind the Vermont Senator, who consistently won the majority of young voters throughout the primary.

The Path To Victory Is Right Here In This Map:

With Election Day on the horizon, the candidates and their top surrogates are logging thousands of sky miles as they barnstorm across the country, making closing arguments and cajoling supporters to hit the polls.

On Tuesday alone, Hillary Clinton’s campaign hosted more than 10 events around the country with big-name headliners hitting Florida, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Maine, North Carolina and Ohio, where President Barack Obama pushed early voting.
Donald Trump’s side is no less busy, but his bench is shorter, with the nominee, his family, and running mate Mike Pence doing the bulk of the work. Trump alone is on pace to hit four states in three days, with four stops in Florida alone. His son, Donald Jr., was in Iowa on Tuesday, and his children will be hitting Michigan later in the week.
Katrina Bookman and a slot machine screen displaying what she thought were her winnings.

Woman Denied $43 Million Jackpot, Offered Steak Dinner Instead:

It was a selfie she thought was worth nearly $43 million.

Katrina Bookman hit the jackpot on a slot machine in late August at Resorts World Casino in Jamaica, Queens. She even took an excited self-portrait with the machine displaying her winnings: $42,949,672. It would have been the largest slot machine jackpot in US history.
“I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s like my whole body just got numb,” Bookman told CNN affilate WABC.
But when she came back the next day to find out the exact size of her jackpot, a casino employee crushed her excitement.
We took the most popular food brands among Americans, in nine categories young kids love, and used the current US dietary guidelines to illustrate what the daily recommended amount of sugar for kids looks like.<br /><br />Our math: Each of these images represents 33 grams of sugar. The recommendation is that added sugar should equal less than 10% of one's daily caloric needs. The median calories for moderately active 4- to 8-year-olds is 1,500 calories. So we calculated 9% of 1,500 as 135 calories, which equals 33 grams of sugar per day.<br />If your child consumes what is pictured, they will probably have maxed out their recommended sugar intake for the whole day.

How To Stop Sugar From Sneaking Into Your Child’s Diet:

A lollipop after a morning doctor visit. A cupcake for a classmate’s birthday with lunch. A bag of cookies, gummies or a few little doughuts before after-school activities begin.

And dessert is still a few hours away.
Even the word “snack” — once thought of as a healthy, energizing source of calories for children — can seem like a euphemism for an IV sugar solution these days.
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