Food and Recipes

Has the second installment of the infamous chicken sandwich wars been initiated by Popeye’s? We all remember the first one between Popeyes and Chik-Fil-A. You could say that frequent internet users started that war, but it was enjoyable to witness. This next potential war could have been started by Popeye’s themselves, this time with… Taco […]

National News

You read the title correctly. Taco Bell is now looking to becoming a resort. It has just surfaced on the internet that the chain fast-food Restuarant wants to expand its services with a resort hotel called “The Bell”. The taco-themed hotel is being created in Palms Springs, California and expected to be open Aug 9th […]


In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF comes to God with heaven on his mind. He says he heard that heaven had “streets of gold” and was “the land of milk & honey,” a place where we can sit on the right side of the Lord. Inspired by all of this beautiful imagery, he talks […]