A recent tweet has sparked a lot of controversy today. A local Planned Parenthood office in Pennsylvania used Twitter to express the changes needed for Disney Princess Characters.  The tweet has now been deleted but the tweet requested we have Disney princesses with more realistic lifestyles such as transgender and abortion patient etc.   With the use of technology and easy access […]

I am pretty sure we have all seen a child with the silver caps on their teeth and some of us have formed our own opinions based on the outer appearance. The first thought that comes to mind for me is the responsibility of the parent. Should child neglect become the next thought? Apparently, that is what […]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF had the chance to chat with writer, actor and producer Tyler Perry about his political drama on TLC, “Too Close To Home.” He opens up about his favorite part of the process of creating a new film, play or TV show. Plus, he talks about when we can expect to see […]