Morning Minute

  10/27/16- Why won’t Justin Timberlake get in trouble for posting a ballot selfie? Comedian Chris Paul has says he knows why! Click the link above to hear the funny!

  10/25/16- Who will win it all? Comedian Chris Paul has an idea and he’s comparing it to the famous family that occupied the White House twice. Listen!

  10/19/16- Comedian Chris Paul reveals why Bill Clinton may need to wash his hands. Also find out why he says you don’t have to pay black people to eat.

  10/18/16- Where do white people that lie and steal go to for redemption? Comedian Chris Paul reveals that and more. Listen to the funny above!

10/17/16- Are we really surprised that you can get burned in a brothel? Find out why one Vegas owner is and listen to Comedian Chris Paul reveal the newest Uncle Tom.

  10/14/16- If you’re thinking about writing in FLOTUS on the November ballot, Comedian Chris Paul says you’re not alone! Also find out why you shouldn’t bend over in front of Donald Trump, no matter what you’re doing.