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If you haven’t been following up with the news then you will be out of the loop to the many stories of natural hair discrimination. From a student being sent home due to rocking an afro to a wrestler having to cut his dreads in order to participate in his match, hair discrimination has been […]


According to Fox 28, the State Highway Patrol is focusing on enforcement of Ohio’s Move Over law as construction season starts. The patrol says troopers’ cruisers were involved in 56 crashes in the past five years that appear to have involved violations of that law by motorists. Two motorists died in the crashes reported from […]

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Not many people understand why young men are saggy their pants these days. However, a Mississippi lawmaker has had enough of it and is enforcing a new law to have men pull their pants up! Tom Weathersby, a Republican serving in the state’s House of Representatives, has proposed a law that could lead to fines and […]


Ohio may soon be allowing gun owners to conceal and carry on daycares and universities. It’s currently illegally in Ohio to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses and daycares, but that can soon change after House Bill 48. This bill allows taking both daycares and universities off the “Forbidden Zone”. The Ohio Senate passed […]