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  11/7/16- The Celebrity Snitch reveals who he want to hump the Trump out of and find out the latest in celebrity gossip. Click the link above to hear the funny!

  10/27/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch says doing marriage in secret is the correct way to do things. Listen above to hear the funny!

  10//26/16- The Celebrity Snitch is serving up the latest in gossip and entertainment, including Russell and Ciara’s new cub and the Kardashians at a Million Man March. Listen to the funny above!

  10/25/16- What does the Celebrity Snitch label as the ultimate Kryptonite to an older black man? This one should be easy but you’ve got to listen to see if you’re right.

  10/24/16- Find out the latest Donald Trump blunder that is sending him straight to hell according to Huggy Lowdown. Listen above!  

  10/21/16- Click the link to find out who the Celebrity Snitch crowned as this week’s Bamma and find out who took the number 10 spot! Listen above!

  10/20/16- Looks like the Celebrity Snitch has found his Bamma. Click to listen and see if you can guess who will top tomorrow’s list!

  10/19/16- The Celebrity Snitch has a special PSA regarding tonight’s last presidential debate. Find out what the drinking word is and make sure you comply with the rules. Listen above.

  10/18/16- Can you name the one person that made money off of Donald Trump during the election? The Celebrity Snitch can. Click the link above to hear him reveal who did!