It’s officially summer in the 614. I pray that the higher temperatures won’t cause an increase in crime in the city. According to NBC41.com, one person is dead after a shooting early Sunday morning at the intersection of East 5th Avenue and North High Street. Columbus police were dispatched to the scene just before 3:30 […]

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With the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida and our history of mass shootings in America, many people are wondering what needs to be done so that doesn’t keeping happening. Teachers carrying guns in the classroom has become a hot topic in the media and some people think this is a reasonable solution. What are […]


Ohio may soon be allowing gun owners to conceal and carry on daycares and universities. It’s currently illegally in Ohio to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses and daycares, but that can soon change after House Bill 48. This bill allows taking both daycares and universities off the “Forbidden Zone”. The Ohio Senate passed […]

A church congregation is counting their blessings after a man made his way inside service with multiple guns on Easter Sunday. Police said security told them they saw a man who was carrying multiple guns in the sanctuary. “Why would you bring a weapon of any kind to the sanctuary on Resurrection Sunday?” questioned Emmanuel Cole, who […]

The Rev. Brady Boyd believes there is no safer place to be Sunday morning than inside his church.  When Boyd takes to the pulpit at New Life Church, in Colorado Springs, Colo., he and the faithful are well protected. The 30-acre grounds are patrolled by uniformed police officers and an armed safety team made up […]