April 10th is equal pay day, which if you are anything like me – I never knew a day like such existed. This is a day committed to recognizing to straking the conversation on women still not receiving equal pay as men. After years and years of fights and vocalizing the rights for women’s we are […]


A woman of all trades, from being a mother to teaching nurse students overseas in Egypt. Dr. Melissa Luten-Wilson has set the bar high for her family and continues to strive for greatness. Although she has dedicated 57 years in the healthcare industry, Dr.Melissa doesn’t see herself stopping soon. Last December Lucten-Wilson received her Doctor of Nursing […]

Praise Report

Lecrae became Dr. Lecrae Moore this week when Canada Christian College awarded him an honorary doctorate of music degree at a stop in Toronto on the Higher Learning Tour.  History was made when Canada Christian College gave Lecrea the youngest recipient for an honorary degree from the Christian College. The honors were presented to him […]