A 13 year old Nathan Wylie of Dayton has died of a suspected heroin overdose and his father has been arrested over prior drug charges.  Wylie’s father and a friend brought the unresponsive teen to an area fire station on March 28th seeking help and alluded that Wylie had gotten into his own personal stash […]

Ohio has long been considered a haven for some of the world’s best funk musicians, and now an upcoming venue will be erected in the city of Dayton to honor pioneers of the genre. This March, the city will welcome the opening of the Funk Music Hall Of Fame and Exhibit Center, an effort that […]

The evening of August 17th, 2016 a call was made to 911 in Dayton Ohio that a man was attempting to have sex with a parked van.  Yes you read that right Michael Henson was arrested and charged with public indecency after an eyewitness reported him allegedly to have a sex act with a van. According […]