Comedian Chris Paul

  10/27/16- Why won’t Justin Timberlake get in trouble for posting a ballot selfie? Comedian Chris Paul has says he knows why! Click the link above to hear the funny!

  10/26/16- Is the state of Mississippi banning Donald Trump? Is he also fighting Dr. Jill Biden? Comedian Chris Paul says yes! Listen to the funny above.

  10/25/16- Who will win it all? Comedian Chris Paul has an idea and he’s comparing it to the famous family that occupied the White House twice. Listen!

  10/19/16- Comedian Chris Paul reveals why Bill Clinton may need to wash his hands. Also find out why he says you don’t have to pay black people to eat.

  10/18/16- Where do white people that lie and steal go to for redemption? Comedian Chris Paul reveals that and more. Listen to the funny above!

10/17/16- Are we really surprised that you can get burned in a brothel? Find out why one Vegas owner is and listen to Comedian Chris Paul reveal the newest Uncle Tom.

  10/14/16- It’s Dr. Day on the TJMS and Comedian Chris Paul has a message just for us! And no, he doesn’t care that he can’t sing. Clearly!