On Saturday at the Public Hall in Cleveland Ohio, Donald Trump will be visiting to discuss the Republican tax reform legislation. He is also expected to attend a local fundraiser supporting the Republican National Committee.

The manhunt for Steve Stevens has ended in Erie Pennsylvania with a self inflicted gunshot Tuesday (April 18) – two days after being sought out by locals and police.  Stevens was a wanted man after killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Facebook Live Easter Sunday in Cleveland Ohio. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! FOX 45 reports: “Steve […]

  We’re back with another HOT episode of Meals with Matt! This week Matt cooked up his own Atomic Taco’s recipe! But these aren’t for the faint of heart! Get all the details on how to cook these delicious hot tacos below! Flamin Hot Taco Shells Ingredients: taco shell lime juice Green tabasco sauce Cayene […]

Everyone in Cleveland knows that politicians who eat Polish Boys and pierogi — not necessarily at the same time — increase their chances of winning their political races. And their favorite candy? The buckeye, of course! Head east to Philly and politicians better like cheesesteak if they don’t want to be called carpetbaggers. Never mind […]

Sparks could fly at the Republican convention. Here are five things to look for.

  According to the Cleveland Police Department there was a shooting in the downtown area near the casino after the NBA Championship Parade for the Cavaliers wrapped. Initially it was being said that two women were shot but further reports say that only one teen, 13 years old, was shot twice in the leg.  Reports […]