chance the rapper

On Sunday night, Chancelor Bennett, more commonly known as Chance the Rapper, used his worship-filled performance to bring Jesus to the center of an awards show known for anything but its spiritual influence. After winning three Grammys this week—Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance—the number “3” on his trademark flat bill […]

Grammy winner Chance The Rapper brought the church to Sunday’s award show and had everyone rejoicing in God’s good grace. Lil Chano performs his hits “How Great,” which is about his faith before a gospel choir appeared behind him. From there, the Chi-town MC launched into snippets of “Blessings” and “No Problem” before closing things […]

Kirk Franklin was hanging out in-studio with Erica Campbell and GRIFF! He talks about his love for music and the community. He reminisces about going into to record stores as a kid and pulling out records and just writing the names of artists down when he couldn’t buy the records. They also talk about the […]