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New Year’s Day is right around the corner!

For many, 2022 was a comeback year after the devastating events of 2020 and the unstable aftermath that trickled its way into 2021. Although we are far from leaving the effects of COVID-19 in the past — cases are currently rising over in the Northeast — the overall fear of contracting the virus and/or dying from it are either at an extreme low or completely nonexistent for a sizable portion of society.

With that said, ringing in 2023 will definitely come with its fair share of group celebrations, champagne toasting and more than a few New Year’s resolutions.

Regardless of what you believe in though, we hope that putting your faith into a higher power will be at the top of that list for all of our loyal readers out there.


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There are tons of New Year’s resolutions worth keeping other than your faith of course, not to mention a few we think you’d actually be better off avoiding completely. While some declarations can set you up for a years-worth of success, others are simply based on either ego, false sense of self or wishful thinking if we’re being honest. Thankfully, we’re here to weed out the good from the bad.

Do what you want ultimately — it’s your life to live! — but feel free to use these 20 dos and don’ts that we specifically put together for anyone out there feeling a bit apprehensive about 2023 and in need of a little guidance. With just a few days left in 2022, we’re here to help make things feel even more amazing in the new year.

Keep scrolling to leave 2022 in the past and prepare for  a bright future with some helpful New Year’s resolutions — 10 dos and 10 don’ts! — that will ensure a successful 2023:

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1. DO: Quit Smoking Tobacco

DO: Quit Smoking Tobacco Source:Getty

Cancer kills far too many, regardless of race and/or gender. Don’t make it an easy trip to the grave for yourself.

2. DON’T: Quit Smoking “Cold Turkey”

We fully support quitting a nasty habit, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s an overnight journey. Patience is key!

3. DO: Figure Out a Consistent Workout Plan

DO: Figure Out a Consistent Workout Plan Source:Getty

Nothing wrong with getting that body right and tight.

4. DON’T: Work Out Every Single Day

DON'T: Work Out Every Single Day Source:Getty

You can put yourself at higher risk of serious injury by pushing yourself in the gym too hard. Take it easy, tiger!

5. DO: Gain A Skill

DO: Gain A Skill Source:Getty

We all can afford to elevate our individual skill sets. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

6. DONT: Try To Be Someone/Something You’re Not

DONT: Try To Be Someone/Something You're Not Source:Getty

Not a trained mechanic? Don’t try to be one! It’s one thing to go through the proper channels in order to develop new skills, but jumping in without training could actually make your situation worse.

7. DO: Expand Your Dating Pool

DO: Expand Your Dating Pool Source:Getty

Got a type? Get rid of it! You may be missing out on what you need by being too busy going after your ego-based wants.

8. DON’T: Search For A Soulmate

DON'T: Search For A Soulmate Source:Getty

Key word: “search.” Let love find you instead of wasting time, energy and pieces of your heart searching for affection in a sea of equally lost souls.

9. DO: Upgrade Your Travel Plans From Domestic To International

DO: Upgrade Your Travel Plans From Domestic To International Source:Getty

You’ll never understand the true definition of diversity, or what it means to really be free, until you begin traveling the world. Passports please!

10. DON’T: On-A-Whim Traveling

DON'T: On-A-Whim Traveling Source:Getty

With bills that need to be paid, a job to afford it all, family members that seek attention and relationships that need nurturing, choosing to travel at random can sometimes be a selfish decision if not planned out properly. At the very least, take PTO!

11. DO: Read More

DO: Read More Source:Getty

Contrary to what anyone may have told you, reading is still and will always be fundamental.

12. DON’T: Start Books You Have No Intention Of Finishing

DON'T: Start Books You Have No Intention Of Finishing Source:Getty

If you’re not a bookworm, save yourself the literary dollars and shelf space by simply taking baby steps. New magazines based on your interests  might be a good place to start!

13. DO: Be More Sex-Positive

DO: Be More Sex-Positive Source:Getty

No prudes allowed in 2023!

14. DON’T: Start Having “YOLO” Sex

DON'T: Start Having "YOLO" Sex Source:Getty

Have your carnal fun, but please don’t put yourself in risky situations that can have permanent affects on your health and life overall.

15. DO: Open Your Mind To Therapy Sessions

From those with severe mental struggles to the ones who just need a non-judgmental stranger to talk to, professional therapy can feel like a godsend. 

16. DON’T: Become Your Own Therapist

How do you expect to fix those mental problems if you can’t get out of your own head for a second? There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for and getting help.

17. DO: Change Yourself For The Better

DO: Change Yourself For The Better Source:Getty

However it plays out, look into yourself and try to change at least five things you personally know will elevate the relationships and opportunities in your life.

18. DON’T: Become Jaded Due To A Bad Year

DON'T: Become Jaded Due To A Bad Year Source:Getty

2022 sucked? 2023 doesn’t have to be if you choose not to bring negative energy into the new year. As a popular Disney Princess once sang, “Let it go!”

19. DO: Try & Catch Up On Old Resolutions

DO: Try & Catch Up On Old Resolutions Source:Getty

Never too late to do everything you’ve been planning. Again, it’s your life to live!

20. DON’T: Set New Year’s Resolutions Altogether

…or just ignore this list completely and enjoy your life however the wind blows in your neck of the woods.


In short, Happy New Year! May 2023 bring you light and love, not to mention all the resolutions you set forth to accomplish.